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Brass bar stock

What is Brass Bar Stock?

Brass Bar Stock is really a kind of steel material is used for making products which will vary including screws, bolts, peanuts, bushings, along with other machine parts. Brass comprises of copper and zinc, gives it its properties that are unique. Jiaborui Special Steel brass bar stock is a metal this is certainly strong is easy to utilize and it has a lower melting point, making it perfect for many applications. Brass bar stock will come in various shapes, sizes, and lengths, and it can be used in lots of industries, including automotive, plumbing work, and construction.

Features of Brass Bar Stock

Brass is actually a steel is non-ferrous meaning that it does not include iron. Jiaborui Special Steel aluminum bar stock is an conductor is very good of and electricity, rendering it suitable for electrical applications. Brass can also be a steel this is certainly corrosion-resistant and thus it generally does not rust easily. This makes it ideal for used in outdoor applications, such as for example pipelines and fittings. Brass is simple to machine and has formability is good allowing it to be shaped into different items.

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