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Aluminum Coils Strip for Industry Building Packing 3003 H14 0.5 mm Alloy

Wuxi Jiaborui Special Steel Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of special steel coils, located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China. The company focuses on producing high-quality aluminum coil strips, which are widely used in construction, packaging, transportation and other industries.

Aluminum coil strip, also known as aluminum strip, is a metal strip made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy. Its advantages include light weight, corrosion resistance, easy processing, and good electrical conductivity. In the construction industry, aluminum coil strips are often used to make roofs, walls, doors, windows and other components. In the packaging industry, aluminum coils can be used to make cans, packaging bags, etc. In the transportation industry, aluminum coils can be used to make shells and parts of vehicles such as cars, ships, and aircraft.

3003 is a commonly used aluminum alloy grade, and H14 refers to the annealed state of this aluminum alloy. 0.5mm refers to the thickness of aluminum coil strip. This aluminum alloy has excellent processing performance, corrosion resistance and welding performance, and is widely used in various occasions that require strength, corrosion resistance and processing performance.

Aluminum Coils Strip for Industry Building Packing 3003 H14 0.5 mm Alloy manufactured by Wuxi Jiaborui Special Steel Co., Ltd. has the following features:

Light weight: The density of aluminum coil strip is about 2.7 g/cm³, which is about 1/3 of steel, so it can greatly reduce the weight of the structure and reduce transportation and installation costs.

Corrosion resistance: Aluminum coil strips have good atmospheric corrosion resistance and are suitable for various harsh environments.
Easy to process: Aluminum coil strips are easy to bend, stamp, stretch, etc., and can meet the requirements of various shapes and sizes.

Good electrical conductivity: Aluminum coil strips have good electrical conductivity and are suitable for occasions where electrical conductivity is required.
Environmental protection: Aluminum coil strips can be recycled and reused, complying with environmental protection requirements.

In short, the Aluminum Coils Strip for Industry Building Packing 3003 H14 0.5 mm Alloy produced by Wuxi Jiaborui Special Steel Co., Ltd. has excellent performance and wide application prospects, and is worthy of the trust and choice of our customers.

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